6 Birthday Party Decorating Tips for Busy Moms

Children always look forward to their birthday and expect it to be more memorable than the last. This makes planning the event more challenging, especially for busy mothers.

While children are quite easy to please, they also tend to get disappointed fast be it due to an overlooked request or the most trivial things. Because of this, it takes a lot of effort and time to plan birthday parties for kids.

If you’re a busy mom who is unsure about how you can satisfy your child’s wishes, you might want to start by planning the party decorations first. Getting this aspect of the party right is bound to put a smile on your little one’s face on her special day. To help you achieve this, here are six practical tips you can try when decorating for a birthday party:

1.   Pick a Color or Theme

Planning an event is easier with a clear theme or motif. However, it is important that you never ask your child what theme she likes as it is bound to start a conversation where you might be forced to make a promise you cannot keep.

The key is to give your child choices for themes that you can – without a doubt— deliver. Give her at least two choices, but remember to consider her preferences and favorites before giving her any options.

You can try recreating her favorite TV show or movie or go with more unorthodox themes, like a circus or gumball party. Just remember to take the time, effort, and money you can spare into consideration to make sure you can execute what you have planned without a hitch.

2.   Get Inspiration Online

If you’re having trouble deciding on a theme for your child’s birthday party, you might want to consider getting some inspiration from others. And since you’re already reading this article, you’re off to a good start.

You can begin by browsing the Internet for photographs of cleverly decorated kids’ parties. To narrow down your search and make it more age-appropriate, be sure to include your child’s age to the keywords you use for the online search.

3.   DIY What You Can

As a busy mom, handcrafting projects may be too time-consuming and exhausting for you. Even so, there’s a good chance that you still want to do something on your own for your child’s birthday party. If this is the case, be sure to pick easy DIY projects you can make for the occasion.

For example, party balloons can be made more colorful by putting confetti inside. This will work best with translucent party balloons filled with helium. After that, you can glam them up further by replacing those boring white strings with colorful ribbons of varying widths and textures.

You can also try personalizing items for your guests, starting with the contents of your party table. Forks, for example, make good placeholders for name tags. Simply cut out special shapes from colored paper, write the guests’ names on them, and place each one in between the fork prongs.

You can determine how much DIY-ing you can do by asking yourself whether a project is worth the time. Also, decide if you can do it better than anyone else or if it’s more cost-efficient (and better) to have someone else do it for you.

4.   Glam Up the Tables with Colorful Tableware

Having a vibrantly colored table is a great idea when you have little time to spare in decorating for a birthday party.

To have a festive table setting without spending too much time and money on elaborate – not to mention expensive – decor, you can choose boldly colored plates, utensils, and drinking glasses. Of course, remember to stick to the color palette of your child’s chosen theme to keep the party picture-perfect.

5.   Go with Colored Decorations Instead of Themed Ones

If you picked a theme focusing on famous TV or movie characters in it, you might think that you’re obliged to put them in every bit of decoration in the party. This is where you’re wrong. Not only will doing that make the party feel overdone, but it will also cost you more for buying decorations you cannot reuse in future parties and social gatherings.

The trick is to replace tableware with the characters with ones sporting solid and vibrant colors as described in tip number 4. To still deliver the “themed party” you promised your child, buy a cake and giveaways aligned with the chosen theme instead.

6.   Hire Professionals

If planning the party and coming up with ideas begins to overwhelm you too much, it may be high time for you to consider hiring birthday party organizers.

These professionals will not only help with glamming up the venue but also assist with the planning and execution of the party. Aside from saving time, this will also ensure that your child gets that unforgettable birthday she expects every year.

Throw a Fun Birthday Bash

Planning your child’s birthday party can be challenging if you are a busy mom.

To ensure that she gets a memorable celebration of her birth, consider following these tips, and be sure to get expert help so coming up with a fun party your child will remember for years to come becomes a breeze.


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