Reap the Rewards of Outsourcing Your Hotel Laundry

Your laundry and linen are two of the most important components of your business, but often get neglected when it comes to prioritising tasks. Management tend to get caught up in other departments and forget that clean linen and perfectly pressed laundry is essential to the success of the business. This article looks at the many benefits of outsourcing your laundry when operating a hotel or guesthouse.

Is Clean Linen Essential for Hotel Guests?

There has been numerous studies and surveys carried out in the UK to suggest that clean linen in a hotel, guesthouse or any other facility which provides rooms for stay is vitally important for a variety of reasons. Respondents in some reviews admitted that they would never use a hotel again if they noticed that the linen was grubby or contained even minute stains, they went on further to say that they’d take some time to write a negative review online if they observed dirty linen while staying in a hotel. Nearly 100% of respondents said that they would completely blacklist a premise if they came across unkept linen, this shows that if you wish to retain customers in the hospitality industry, clean linen is essential.

Why Do Hotels Outsource?

The most obvious reasons hotels outsource to specialist companies like Stalbridge Linen is to cut costs, professional linen and laundry services like the organisation mentioned above are perfect for reducing your utility bills, labour costs, and a number of other features. It isn’t just about cost, outsourcing also gives hotels and other businesses involved in the hospitality industry a chance to work with expert linen cleaners. Leaving the task of doing laundry in the hands of a professional firm allows business owners to concentrate on other more important parts of their company. Here are some of the main functions outsourced by hotels:

  • Laundry
  • Uniform Hire
  • Grounds Keeping
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Concentrate on Core Business Features

Laundry is labour intensive, it takes a lot of employees to run a capable service if you decide to operate in-house. Outsourcing your laundry and shutting down your in-house department not only frees up space, it also gives you time to focus on other more important aspects of your business. It isn’t easy to run a hotel, there are several departments to monitor and having one less is a bonus for owners and management alike.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing is excellent for reducing costs, if you are currently running an in-house operation you’ll know that this department comes at a considerable cost. You’ve to pay for staff, machines, maintenance, cleaning materials etc., all of these factors can be eliminated if you decide to use an independent linen service.

There are numerous advantages to using a professional laundry and linen service for your hotel or guesthouse. They can improve the quality of your business by helping to reduce costs, which can help to bolster other areas of your company. Good quality linen makes a lasting first-time impression on your customers, so it should be taken very seriously.

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