The Busy Job of a Pub Manager Explained

For anybody out there who doesn’t know what a pub is, it is short for a “public house”, and is a traditional British type of bar renowned for a wide selection of drinks, laid back surroundings and light meals.

  • Pubs have their roots in Great Britain, with the oldest working pubs going back a thousand years

Thejob of a pub manageris to ensure that the pub he or she is running is efficient, making a reasonable profit and also meeting health and safety code standards. Preparing the yearly operating budget and putting together a working business plan is the major duty of all respectable pub managers.

Stocks and Interest

The list of stock is also a major concern for any pub managers, they have to make certain that there is enough for the pub to keep up with the pub customers’ demands.

  • If customers happen to lose interest in a pub for whatever reason, its popularity will then wane and also its business.

Along with beers and spirits, pubs also have other alcoholic drinks, such as wine, as well as non-alcoholic soft drinks for their customers.

Employees and Menu

Nearly all pubs serve food, so managers or chefs have to order recipe ingredients.

  • The bad old days of crisps and peanuts are long gone!

Putting together the pub catering supplies UK and what will be served up andavailable is yet another responsibility for the pub manager. They have to ready the food plan with the cooks input.

  • The meals will have to be somewhat casualand blend in well, especially with beer.

A variety of savoury appetisers and sandwiches is what is seen in many pubs in Great Britain. Some pubs also have heartier fare, such as meat pies and stews and a ploughman’s lunch, whereas others have a full lunch and dinner.

Hiring and Training Staff

Pub managers also have to employ and train staff and sack workers if needs be. They have to do every job in a pub and fill in when necessary. Depending on the size and popularity of a particular pub, the manager can be employing from 10 to 50 workers and must watch over operations.

Promotions are Important

A pub’s promotion via advertising, marketing and even more importantly, by word of mouth are an important task of a professional pub manager. They may have bingo, and/or quiz game evenings as a way of bringing in more customers.

Weekly food specials or coupons in local publications are yet other good waysthat a manager can put to use to draw in locals. Pubs are renowned for their neighbourhood atmosphere and locals will more than often become its regular customers.

Keeping the Numbers

Pub managers sometimes employ bookkeeping and accounting experts to handle the financial aspect of business. Orders for bar supplies is carried out by the pub manager and food by the chef.

Hoping that your local pub is keeping you and its customers happy!

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