The Most Important Restaurant Equipment

Building your own restaurant, club, or bar entails a lot of guts, time, effort, and money. This is why you should know all the ins and outs of the industry before you dive straight in. First, you need to find the best location and Miami is sure one of the best areas to set-up a food business since it is a top tourist destination and also because of the buzzing local scene. If you have decided to purchase such quality equipment, Miami restaurant supply will be the best place to satisfy your needs.

Freezers and Refrigerators

Every modern day kitchen needs refrigeration which will come to your top of the list because of its incredible benefits. This will ensure that you can buy your ingredients in bulk for lower prices. Aside from that having this will also prevent you from going out of stock. Most food businesses have an industrial grade refrigerator since this meets the sanitation requirements. Before getting one of your own, you should first consider the area you have and how big your operation is. This will prevent you from buying something which is excessively big and unnecessary.


Ranges these days can be either electric or the usual gas burner. There is not much difference between the two except for the source of the heat. Although it may be safer to have an electric range, having a gas range allows you to gauge accurately how much additional heat you need. Gas ranges are also easier to control compared to electric ones. This is something you should consider, especially since you will often have the range working throughout the day. If you get an electric one, the surface might get too hot after long use. Aside from this, getting one at a trusted Miami restaurant supply store should be a top priority.

Counter Tops

Your countertop is not just for aesthetic purposes. This is where food is usually prepared. This means that the countertop you should get is food grade and does not allow food particles to get stuck making it hard to clean. The countertop should also pass sanitation requirements in Florida to avoid any mishaps.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment such as food processors and blenders make life more comfortable in the kitchen, so your restaurant definitely needs one. Not only does this make the life of your chef easier but it also makes the whole process quicker making prep time shorter. This type of equipment can be pricey, so you should edit and just get the one you truly need depending on your type of restaurant. The size will also depend on the operation size that you are anticipating.

Global Restaurant Equipment

This store is a one-stop shop which offers all the essential equipment’s you need to get your business rolling. What’s even better is that you can order all those equipment online. Plus the company has been around since 1997 proving its quality items and service. So, opt for Global Restaurant Equipment for high quality and affordable equipment.

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